There’s no question Pebble is a substantial project. But you might be surprised how small it will be.


The mine footprint will not have an adverse effect on fish productivity. Our science proves it. The purpose of permitting is to validate it.



The footprint will equal only 5.3 square miles

No facilities in the Upper Talarik drainage

Will NOT be the largest mine in Alaska


Major mine facilities will only constitute about 5.3 square miles.

The Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment (BBWA) defined footprint as the bulk TSF and open pit — essentially the facilities which remain post-closure. By that measure, our footprint is a near match for the scenario which even the Obama administration’s EPA said could enter permitting.

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Reality Check

“Pebble will be almost as big as the Grand Canyon.”

That's pretty big. The Grand Canyon is over a mile deep (5280 feet) and encompasses 2,000 square miles. But it's also not true. The deepest point will only be 1400 - 1700 feet. And the area? See for yourself.

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