Sometimes smaller is better.

There’s no question that developing the Pebble Deposit is a substantial project in terms of scope and effort. But you might be surprised to learn how much smaller it will be — we sharpened our pencils and made some changes. We think you’ll like the results.


Key Facts


The size of the mine facilities are substantively smaller.

Mine facilities at Pebble will constitute only about 5.3 square miles, less than half the EPA 2.0 scenario and a near match for the scenario which even the EPA said could go into NEPA.


Every detail has been carefully improved. And shrunk.

The tailings storage facility was decreased in surface area. We achieved a major reduction in wetlands impact with a transportation redesign. And the pit itself is smaller too.


The overall project footprint has been greatly reduced.

We removed waste rock piles from the mine facilities and eliminated the cyanide plant. Further, by consolidating operations, mine facilities are out of the Upper Talarik drainage entirely.