The Pebble Project

Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) is proposing to develop the Pebble copper-­gold­-molybdenum porphyry deposit (Pebble Deposit) in southwest Alaska as an open-pit mine, with associated infrastructure.


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Summary Information

Located on state of Alaska land
100 air miles and 230 river miles from Bristol Bay
Major mine facilities constitute 5.3 square miles
Project operating life of 20 years
750-1,000 direct jobs for Alaskans
1,500-2,000 total jobs for Alaskans
Gas pipeline from Anchor Point and gas-fired power plant at site
Road and lake ferry to Cook Inlet
Segregated storage of bulk and pyritic tailings
No post-closure pyritic tailings facility


Land Status

The mine site — including the pit, tailings storage, and all primary facilities — is located on state of Alaska land. The transportation corridor includes state of Alaska and ANCSA land.

Access Road = 65% state of Alaska + 35% Alaska Peninsula Corporation
Iliamna Airport Spur = 55% state of Alaska + 45% Iliamna Natives Limited
Iliamna Lake Crossing = 100% state of Alaska
Kokhanok Airport Spur = 100% Alaska Peninsula Corporation


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