Fish need clean water, and we understand virtually every aspect of it at the Pebble site. Flow, chemistry, even temperature. We will protect the salmon, their environment, and the watershed.


Mine operations will be safe for the Bristol Bay fishery. How confident are we? Our own drinking water will be drawn directly from ground water wells.



Cyanide will NOT be used at Pebble

Every drop of water will be carefully managed

Released water will be optimized for fish

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No facilities in the Upper Talarik eliminates the Kvichak drainage.

Sockeye escapement from the mine area is already minimal. Keeping mine facilities out of the Upper Talarik and Kvichak drainage reduces it by 80%.

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20180727 Presentation.001.jpeg


The minimal impact on habitat will be offset by mitigation.

While impacts on existing habitat will be small, they will be offset by other habitat improvements in the area.