Water shapes every decision.

Everything depends on clean water, from people to fish to wildlife. That’s why we are invested in protecting it. By understanding water’s every aspect — flow, chemistry, even temperature — we will protect the environment and downstream Bristol Bay watershed.



The area around Pebble constitutes less than 1% of the watershed.

Even though mine facilities will interact with a tiny portion of the Bristol Bay drainage, we will apply the same best practices already proven successful in Alaska for decades.


Every drop of water will be carefully managed and treated.

All on-site water will be managed and monitored. When released, it will be adjusted to optimal conditions for fish and aquatic life — temperature, 
 calcium levels, and flow rate.


Mitigation reduces water flow to 0.01% of the drainage.

When flow mitigation practices are applied to our plans, even our carefully- managed water will account for only a hundredth of a percent of the water which flows into Bristol Bay.