Historic Election Endorses Strong Future for Alaska’s Economy

Alaska Voters Support Fair Review for All Resource and Development Projects

Alaska voters struck down an anti-development initiative that a broad-based coalition of businesses, groups and individuals argued would have shut down Alaska’s economic future. At the same time, Alaska voters chose a new governor in Mike Dunleavy who has been steadfast in support of a fair and comprehensive review process for all development projects in Alaska, including the Pebble Project.



Earthquakes on Your Mind?

We’ve been studying them for years. While seismic risk near the Deposit is relatively low, we are taking extraordinary steps to protect people and the environment. Mine facilities will withstand the greatest possible seismic activity predicted by science.


Current Headlines

January 8, 2018 — Permitting for Pebble on Track

PLP CEO Tom Collier issued the following statement regarding the announcement today from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency... Read More →

January 6, 2018 — Plan Features Reduced Footprint

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) today published a notification that the permit application submitted by Pebble has been accepted... Read More →


It’s Time for Action

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler should overturn the anti-development legacy of the Obama-era EPA and restore due process, fairness, and regulatory stability surrounding resource development.

“Allowing regulatory entities to tell a business not to even bother applying for a permit, before any scientific analysis can be completed, will have a chilling effect on American entrepreneurship and stifle economic growth.” — Congressman Bob Gibbs (OH)