A Better Road Ahead

Exploring new ideas often means uncovering a new path. For Pebble, this has resulted in a more direct transportation corridor — the route used to transport materials between the mine site and the port on Cook Inlet — with less environmental impact.



The transportation footprint
has been reduced.

We are planning a new ferry
system, which crosses Iliamna
Lake, to replace the previous
route around it. As a result, the
total road length and area is
much smaller by comparison.


Fewer road miles means
less wetland impact.

Our preferred route across Iliamna Lake via ferry system means the
total number of culverts, stream crossings, and bridges is less than
the number found in previous transportation plans.


More than 50% fewer environmental effects versus EPA study.

Our new transportation plan
beats every key EPA metric. For example, there will be a
dramatic reduction of salmon
stream crossings when compared
to the EPA’s estimate.


Transportation Corridor


Environmental Benefits