Engineered for safety.

Our Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) combines natural and engineered features, which work together to make sure tailings — and the water they come into contact with — stay put. We’ve applied highly conservative criteria to a new design. We think you’ll agree.



The TSF has been redesigned for maximum safety.

Our Tailings Storage Facility redesign features a graduated slope and long beach area, plus a new buttress for improved stability.


There will be no long-term storage of pyritic tailings.

The pyritic TSF design uses an impermeable synthetic liner. And all pyritic tailings will be backhauled to the pit at closure. This means no “perpetual” storage.


Our design meets Alaska Dam Safety Program requirements.

The TSF design is based 

on proven, world-class engineering. Construction and operations will be overseen and certified by the Alaska Dam Safety Program.