Where is the Pebble Deposit?

Located in remote southwest Alaska, the Pebble Deposit is not accessible by road. We listened to the concerns of the people of the Bristol Bay region — our new plan is smaller, smarter, and more compact with mine facilities affecting significantly less area.


Key Facts


The Pebble Deposit is
 on land owned by the state of Alaska.

The land was acquired via an historic land trade specifically because of its development potential. This is exactly why the site was designated for mineral exploration.


It is 100 air miles and 230 river miles away from Bristol Bay.

The nearest villages are 17-18 miles away. Combined, the populations of Newhalen, Iliamna, and Nondalton add up to several hundred residents — who will see direct economic benefits.


Less than one percent of the Bristol Bay drainage originates at the site.

The total watershed is 40,000 square miles, but the mine study area is only about 400 square miles. And of the total sockeye escapement, less than half a percent comes from the study area.