Committed to the environment.

The earth tells a story. At the Pebble Deposit, four episodes of glaciation formed the topography and ecosystems we see today. For decades, Alaskans have proven to be good environmental stewards, both protecting the land and embracing responsible development.



We’ve done more than a decade of intensive environmental studies.

We used 40+ independent consulting firms and 100+ globally-respected scientists and biologists to conduct one of the most extensive research efforts in Alaska’s natural resource history.


Modern mining practices are both safe and sustainable.

Our plan applies the world’s best science and Alaska’s highest standards to co-exist alongside the environment, from mitigation and reclamation to water quality and tailings management.


We’re committed to an environmentally driven design.

We know the science, but we’ve also listened to and learned from the people of the Bristol Bay region. Our plan respects and supports a thriving salmon fishery and protects wildlife habitat.