A lake ferry won’t harm salmon.

Some have expressed concern about the ferry which will cross Iliamna Lake and whether it will harm the salmon there. So let’s get right to the point. The ferry will NOT have any measurable effect on the fish of Iliamna Lake. Why? Let’s count the reasons.



The ferry moves slowly, and fish avoid noise and vibrations.

All scientific literature and experience affirms what common sense tells you. 
 Big boats are slow, and little fish are fast. They simply swim away long before the ferry arrives.


The design of the ferry’s propellers will minimize harm.

The propellers are contained within hull recesses away from the bows — and do not protrude below the keel of the vessel. This provides additional protection to juvenile salmon.


Salmon do not spawn where the ferry terminals are located.

Iliamna Lake is enormous, and the shoreline at the ferry terminals is minuscule in comparison. The number of salmon fry there is nearly unmeasurable compared to the total lake population.