Rigorous Permitting Works

“Allowing regulatory entities to tell a business not to even bother applying for a permit, before any scientific analysis can be completed, will have a chilling effect on American entrepreneurship and stifle economic growth.” — Congressman Bob Gibbs (OH)



Preemptive vetoes are bad policy
and violate due process.

The EPA’s actions set a
damaging precedent wherein
projects which have not enjoyed
the scientific and other study required by law can be shut down. This is an affront to fair practice.


These actions impact all U.S. industries, not just a single mine.

Preempting due process is a dangerous and alarming new tool
which future partisan governments could employ, undermining a transparent and reliable regulatory
and permit approval process.


Alaskans believe in due process, fairness, and regulatory stability.

Furthermore, all Alaska trade associations have expressed unified concern about preemptive vetoes
and have stood steadfast in support
of the established process for evaluating resource projects.

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