A New Path Forward

For more than a decade, our goal has been to responsibly design a project with minimal impact, in partnership with the people of the Bristol Bay region, and which meets Alaska’s highest environmental standards. We have a new plan — a better plan — to share with you.


Key Facts


The project is smaller, from total footprint to the mine itself.

The mine area has been decreased by 56% and a revised transportation corridor reduces wetland impact by 52%. We even moved mine facilities out of the Upper Talarik.


The tailings storage facility is greatly improved.

Along with a 26% reduction in surface area, the TSF design now uses lined PAG storage and a new buttress for more stability. It will withstand the greatest possible seismicity predicted by science.


Even more environmental safeguards.

There is no cyanide plant, and there are no waste rock piles. All water is captured and carefully treated prior to discharge. Reduced road miles means fewer culverts and stream crossings.


Reality Check

“You left a gigantic mess when you abandoned Alaska.”

Some have said publicly that we left the exploration site in a horrific state. We take pride in good stewardship. The fact is, we never left — and the allegation is a flat lie. But don't take our word for it:

“Pebble's exploration program has received more oversight by state agencies than probably any other mineral exploration program ever in the state. In fact, staff recently concluded an inspection at the end of this season and found the operation to be in good standing.”

— Former DNR Commissioner
Mark Myers to Alaska Dispatch News