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Pebble's Legal Filings Against EPA »

Pebble's legal filings in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case, the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) case, and its injunction motion against the EPA are available to view.

Pebble submits comments in response to EPA proposed determination »

On September 19, Pebble submitted formal comments to the EPA in response to the federal agency's proposed determination to prevent future mining development at Pebble. The comments explain in detail why the EPA should withdraw its proposed determination.

EPA period for public comment open until Sept. 19 »

On July 18th, the EPA opened a 60-day public comment period soliciting input about their intention to preemptively place restrictions on development of a mine at Pebble. The public comment window closes on September 19th, 2014.

EPA Continues To Deny Pebble Due Process »

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a proposal that would place conditions on mine development at Pebble. While the agency chose not to preemptively veto the Pebble Project, the EPA favors imposing specific conditions on future development, prior to any permits being filed—a step the company believes the agency does not have statutory authority to pursue.

Economic Report Summary »

A six-page brochure that summarizes top-level findings from the 60-page IHS Global Insight study regarding economic impact, employment and revenue in Alaska and the Lower 48. View the Economic Study Summary »

Economic Study »

A recent economic study, authored by IHS Global Insight, shows a wide range of substantial economic impacts development of the Pebble deposit could pose for the state of Alaska and the nation. View the IHS Global Insight Report »

Economics Infographic »

Key points from the economic study can be seen in an infographic produced by Visual Capitalist. View the complete infographic »