Judge Upholds State Role in Permitting

The Pebble Limited Partnership issued the following statement regarding a decision in Alaska Superior Court upholding the legal claims raised by PLP and the State of Alaska regarding the legality and constitutionality of the so-called Save Our Salmon Initiative from 2011: 

“We are pleased that the court agreed with our position that this was an improper and unlawful ballot measure. It is unfortunate that these issues could not have been sorted out before the initiative was placed in front of voters as there were significant resources expended in the campaign by both sides that could have gone to more productive uses in the Borough. 

“The ruling says that the Alaska Legislature granted state agencies, notably the Department of Natural Resources, the comprehensive authority over mineral exploration, permitting, and development. The decision holds up the sanctity of the State of Alaska’s robust permitting process, one that has strict environmental standards for fish, water, and wildlife. This ruling will assure that permitting decisions are made through the state's comprehensive process, which includes ample opportunity for input from local people as well as stakeholders throughout the state. In contrast, the SOS initiative had no provisions for public input or public process. 

“Alaska's mineral wealth, like its oil and gas resources, is an asset for all Alaskans. The court's decision assures that permitting decisions will continue to include views from around the state.”