Statement on Potential Seals Listing

The Pebble Partnership is committed to working with the National Marine Fisheries Service and sharing information, including findings from our environmental studies in the area, as the agency assesses whether a listing of the Iliamna Lake Seal is warranted under the Endangered Species Act. We remain confident our project can proceed responsibly without affecting the habitat of the seal or its population.

We urge the agency to fully assess the impact this could have for people in the communities around the lake, and encourage the agency to work closely with residents before making a determination. We know from our recent public discussions in the area that local residents are concerned about the impact a listing could have on a range of activities, including subsistence. It is also worth noting, as was referenced in the petition submitted to the agency, that a listing could affect commercial fishing activities in the region. We understand other agencies have recently finished additional studies of the seals and look forward to reviewing those studies.