Environmental Baseline Studies Released

The Pebble Environmental Baseline Document (EBD), representing one of the most extensive environmental studies program ever conducted for a natural resource project in Alaska.

The EBD includes a wide range of scientific disciplines and research conducted between 2004 and 2008. The $120 million environmental investment characterizes the existing physical and chemical (climate, water quality, trace elements), biological (wetlands, fish and aquatic invertebrates, wildlife, habitat), and social environments (land and water use, socioecomomics, subsistence) within the Bristol Bay and Cook Inlet regions where development and reclamation of the Pebble Project may occur.

Research for the Pebble EBD was conducted by more than 40 widely recognized and respected independent companies and research firms, utilizing more than 100 scientific experts and engineering groups, laboratories and support services. EBD researchers were selected for specific areas of expertise and Alaskan experience, with cooperating government agencies participating in select studies.The Pebble EBDcontains 53 chapters plus appendices (approximately 20,000 pages of data and analysis) and provides a significant legacy of publicly available data for public and agency use.

Explore, view, or download the Pebble EBD at www.pebbleresearch.com.