Statement on "Bristol Bay Forever" Initiative

The Pebble Limited Partnership issued the following statement regarding the so-called “Bristol Bay Forever” initiative, certified today by the Lt. Governor for signature collection:

“We regret that what we believe is an unconstitutional and ill-conceived proposal is moving forward. Pebble is committed to complying with all applicable laws and believes that the proposal will introduce new, clearly unconstitutional measures. We are hopeful that Alaskans will reject this attempt to inappropriately politicize the already rigorous permitting process. Such politicization would have far reaching implications for other development projects across the state, undermining the authority of the established regulatory process. We support the critical role that the  legislature already plays in public policy decisions by establishing the laws and the framework that govern responsible resource development in Alaska for the state agencies to administer. We oppose introducing an additional layer of bureaucracy that adds cost, uncertainty and risk that will deter potential investors in Alaska who depend on a stable, predictable process when investing hundreds of millions of dollars in our state.”

Read the news release from the State of Alaska: