Pebble Launches Scholarship Program

The Pebble Partnership is introducing a new scholarship program aimed at providing long-term career path opportunities for Alaska students in the fields of project management, operations, geology, science, engineering and other support roles related to responsible natural resource development.

The Pebble Partnership Scholarship Program will be applicable to both undergraduate/graduate studies and vocational/technical training schools. The goal of the Scholarship Program is threefold:

  1. Promote local hire
  2. Maximize job opportunities for Alaskans
  3. Provide educational avenues for building sustainable communities in Southwest Alaska

Applicants can apply for financial aid at any time with annual awards dependent upon the number of eligible applicants; quality of applications; availability of funds; and the number of credit hours. A separate review board will evaluate applications quarterly. Financial assistance can be awarded 60 days in advance of a session start for vocational/training schools and are applicable to the next available term for undergraduate and graduate programs. Both areas require applicants to have achieved a high-school diploma or a General Education Degree (GED).

“Providing educational opportunities that support natural resource development careers meets one of the Pebble Partnership’s core values - helping to build sustainable communities, while at the same time providing industrial partners with a technologically trained workforce,” said John Shively, CEO of The Pebble Partnership.

The Pebble Partnership has committed to an annual $50,000 contribution to its Scholarship Program. The Pebble Project is located in Southwest Alaska on state land designated for mineral exploration and development. It is situated approximately 1,000 feet above sea-level and 65 miles from tidewater on Cook Inlet. The Pebble Partnership was established in July 2007 as a 50:50 partnership between Anglo American plc and Northern Dynasty Minerals.