Pebble Teams with Local Contractors

In order to continue meeting its commitment to local hire, the Pebble Partnership has undertaken an effort in 2009 that will train Bristol Bay and local residents to help with environmental study programs.

PLP has contracted with Newhalen-based Boyz Corner, a private operation owned by Raymond and Joanne Wassillie, to provide labor for monthly water level monitoring in more than 240 drill holes and water monitoring wells. Three employees will complete a training program under the guidance of Pebble Partnership environmental consultant SLR Alaska, with the goal of becoming data collection technicians.

The work will include using sensors to establish and record water depth data, as well as pertinent information such as weather and general environmental conditions. SLR Alaska currently undertakes environmental trace element and groundwater sampling studies for the Pebble Project. The main objective of the program is to enhance local employment and capacity.

Boyz Corner is also working with Hoefler Consulting Group, an environmental consultant providing meteorology and air quality services to PLP. Currently two Boyz Corner employees are being trained in dust sampling and monitoring methods in Iliamna.