Pebble Introduces New Programs

The Pebble Partnership recently established a new bear guard and Emergency Medical Technician 3 program at the project site in Iliamna. This step should provide for local and regional employment opportunities with the project.

Pedro Bay Corporation and the Fairweather Group have formed a joint venture known as Clear Stream LLC to provide the Pebble Project with trained bear guard and emergency medical services.

Bear guarding is an important component of the Partnership’s Safety Policy. The Pebble Project uses an avoidance based approach to help eliminate threats from roving bears. It is a necessary practice in order to protect consultants working in the field, particularly during the spring. The presence of bear guards allows consultants to focus on their work, without facing or worrying about the threat of a bear encounter or attack. It is also PLP’s responsibility to reduce the impact of people-bear encounters as much as possible for the sake of maintaining a natural environment for bears.

Clear Stream will provide training to eight Bristol Bay area residents, instructing them in fire arms usage, safety and basic first aid. Participants will be required to pass both medical and physical fitness tests before becoming qualified to provide guarding services at Pebble. Clear Stream will manage the crew, providing bear guards as needed by the Pebble Project.

Clear Stream (through Fairweather) will also provide two Emergency Medical Technicians 3 (EMT3) for the Pebble site. An EMT3 is an intermediate level trained professional who responds to emergency medical situations. Fairweather also provides emergency medical services for remote sites worldwide, including the North Slope oil rigs.

The Partnership remains committed to involving Bristol Bay residents and communities at every stage of project development, and to maximize local hire opportunities as part of the site work scheduled for 2009.