Employing Alaskans

The Pebble Partnership is committed to creating employment and business opportunities at each stage of project development that maximize benefits to the local communities, local businesses, local residents and throughout the State of Alaska.

Policies and procedures for local-hire priority consideration based on qualifications
Relationships with local training and education institutions
Apprenticeship programs
Scholarship programs

Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with Pebble. We are not currently hiring for any positions at this time.

Workforce Development Plan

The Pebble Partnership is currently creating a workforce development plan that supports and provides the necessary education, training and skill development needed to qualify local residents for jobs and business opportunities.

  • Ensures maximum opportunity for jobs to be filled by local residents
  • Determines number of positions and shifts needed
  • Determines number of people needed to fill positions
  • Develops a skilled workforce through training, education and internships programs
  • Provides resources statewide
  • Connects partnerships statewide
  • Provides a resource for new business development

Education and Training

In addition to training and education that will be made available through the Pebble Partnership’s Workforce Development Plan, which includes positions at site and various options with local contractors, several opportunities exist today and will continue for further education.